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- est. 2019 -

My Husband and I are a family of five we started this company for the better of the people. We wanted to help people in the best way we knew how and that's through our all organic products. We are based in Miramar, FL our hometown. We started making Irish Sea Moss gel because we discovered that Irish Moss had 92 out of the 102 minerals the body needs to thrive. We'd sneak it into our kids foods and they never even realized the difference. A few months after we decided we should share this mineral powerhouse with our family & friends and they LOVED it. That's when we decided to get creative and come up with a recipe that would make up the full spectrum 102 minerals  and BOOM! Our 102 Mineral Holy Gel was created. Shortly after, we decided we wanted to share this gift with the rest of our nation and created this company. We take pride in using quality ingredients. Everything we use is all Organic, NON GMO, and has no added preservatives or additives. We would never sell any jar we wouldn't use ourselves. My husband and I also offer health consultations to anyone seeking help on how to maintain a strong and healthy lifestyle. We treat all of our customer as if they were family.If you are seeking consultation feel free to chat with us or email us at

We are here to help. Welcome to the Get Wavy Organics Family! 

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